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Barque Smokehouse: The best barbecue in the west

Joanne Kates, The Globe and Mail

It’s a feel-good joint, with a gigantic smoker at its heart: A 500-pound stainless-steel behemoth (from Tennessee) dominates the open kitchen, its maw forever fiery. It takes 12 hours for the barbecue champs to cook/smoke a brisket, which they sat is a cross between Montreal smoked meat and Texas brisket. I would go to Barque for the brisket. Again and again. It’s succulent and juicy and just sweet enough…

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Barque barbecue has bite

Amy Pataki, Toronto Star

Barque Smokehouse ain’t yer usual barbecue joint. There’s no high-testosterone pit master bragging about using logs from the same 200-year-old hickory that Stonewall Jackson once cut a switch from. There’s no Southern kitsch or hot sauces with risqué names. And there are no baked beans.

Instead, Barque is a serious restaurant that, while smelling magnificently like wood smoke, serves fine wine, chocolate truffles and, most importantly, vegetables that aren’t deep-fried…

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Roncesvalles new, lighter take on the traditional smokehouse

Daniel Barna, Toronto Life

Toronto’s newest smokehouse is Barque, a laid-back Roncesvalles spot whose fare is a little lighter than the artery-clogging calorie bombs usually associated with the cuisine of the American South. “There’s no reason why barbecue needs to be heavy,” says chef and owner David Neinstein…

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Recently reviewed – Barque

Steven Davey, Now Magazine

Instead of attempting to recreate southern U.S.-style barbecue this far north of the Mason-Dixon line, David Neinstein and Jonathon Persofsky opt for a ‘cue unique to Toronto. A fancier-than-most storefront literally stripped to its bare bones, engaging service and a large selection of local microbrews on tap make reservations near-essential…

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Barque has bite

Alan A. Vernon,

The feature the owners are most proud of is their 500-pound smoker from Tennessee, where everything gets thrown in including fruits and of course the myriad meats. Even cocktails get a southern makeover, like the Bourbon Sour, garnished with a smoked half-lemon that adds an added molecular gastronomic element to a traditional mingling of spirits and sugar…

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Barque Smokehouse


By adding a sampler option for one ($20) or two ($36), the approachable menu allows you to try a lot for a little. (Choice of three: Spicy Pork Ribs, Brisket, Beef Ribs, or Chicken Thighs.) The server implored us to get the chicken – but who gets chicken eating out, right? WRONG! The chicken was succulent, needing no sauce…

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What They’re Saying About Us on Chowhound

You the Public, Chowhound

YOU GOTTA GO TO BARQUE FOR BBQ! Seriously, best chicken wings, ribs and brisket I’ve had in the city. Plus the nicest staff and head chef (his name is Dave- make sure you meet him!). I brought 8 friends there last night for my birthday and the service, food, and environment were all excellent. Go support a new Roncesvalle restaurant and have an amazing meal!

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